Greenwood Flooring International

Beautiful Flooring for Custom Builders

Today, many homeowners are concerned with the effect that building materials, especially flooring has on indoor air quality and their family’s health. With all the concern about VOCs and off-gassing, Greenwood Flooring International is the answer.

Greenwood Flooring International is proud to offer collections of high quality hardwood flooring options for the custom home builder. All of our products are no-VOC, no added urea formaldehyde and use healthy, eco-friendly glues and finishes. Most products are FloorScore® certified and will help contribute to LEED® for home credits.

Greenwood Flooring International is an exclusive brand for custom home builders and should be your first choice for upgrade hardwood flooring. We provide styles and performance fit for today’s homeowner while keeping green in mind – after all, it’s in our name.